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Kohler Part # 4785330S Carburetor W/Gaskets W/Linkage 47 853 30-S

 $294.46 $357.00
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4785330S Kohler Carburetor with mounting gaskets and with linkage 47 853 30-S

Replaces: G275338, F275338, 4705304, 4705315, 4705397, 4785304, 4705330

Repair Kits:

  • 2575709S Float Assembly Kit
  • 2575711S Repair Carburetor Kit 

Used on K301-47103, K301-47103, K301-4795, K301-4795, K321-6006, K321-6008, K321-6009B, K321-60102, K321-60105, K321-60112, K321-60113, K321-60117, K321-60118, K321-60121, K321-60122, K321-60124, K321-60131, K321-60132, K321-60133, K321-60136, K321-60137, K321-60140, K321-60150, K321-60151, K321-60157, K321-60159, K321-60166, K321-60172, K321-60173, K321-60174, K321-60176, K321-60179, K321-6017B, K321-60180, K321-60183, K321-60185, K321-60186, K321-60187, K321-60189, K321-60191, K321-60194, K321-6019B, K321-60200, K321-60202, K321-60204, K321-60209, K321-6021, K321-60213, K321-60214, K321-60221, K321-60222, K321-60226, K321-60227, K321-60229, K321-6022B, K321-60230, K321-60233, K321-60235, K321-60238, K321-60239, K321-60245, K321-60247, K321-60248, K321-6025, K321-60258, K321-60271, K321-60272, K321-60275, K321-60278, K321-60279, K321-60287, K321-60290, K321-60292, K321-60294, K321-60300, K321-60304, K321-60306, K321-60310, K321-60313, K321-60314, K321-60316, K321-60317, K321-60322, K321-60323, K321-60324, K321-60334, K321-60335, K321-60337, K321-60340, K321-60342, K321-60344, K321-60345, K321-60347, K321-60348, K321-60350, K321-60352, K321-60359, K321-60360, K321-60361, K321-60362, K321-60363, K321-60364, K321-60365, K321-60366, K321-60369, K321-60370, K321-60371, K321-60372, K321-60373, K321-60377, K321-6038, K321-60383, K321-60388, K321-60389, K321-6038B, K321-60390, K321-60392, K321-60402, K321-60404, K321-60409, K321-60410, K321-60414, K321-60416, K321-60418, K321-6041B, K321-60422, K321-60423, K321-60424, K321-60426, K321-60429, K321-60430, K321-60431, K321-60432, K321-60433, K321-60437, K321-60438, K321-6044, K321-60440, K321-60443, K321-6051, K321-6053, K321-6054, K321-6055, K321-6058, K321-6064, K321-6065, K321-6071, K321-6072, K321-6078, K321-6079, K321-6080, K321-6081, K321-6085, K321-6086, K321-6088, K321-6090, K321-6091, K321-6093, K321-6099


  • Model: 4785330S
  • UPC: 87206483936
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5lbs
  • Manufactured by: Kohler

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