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Kohler Part # 2475701S Fuel Solenoid Kit For Keihin Carbs

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Genuine Kohler Fuel Solenoid Kit, Used on Keihin Carburetors, 24 757 01-S, Free Shipping, No Tax.
Fits Kohler Engine Models CH18 thru CH740, LH630 thru LH755.

Most carburetors are equipped with a fuel shut-off solenoid. Solenoid is attached to fuel bowl. Solenoid has a springloaded pin that retracts when 12 volts is applied to lead, allowing fuel flow to main jet. When current is removed, pin extends blocking fuel flow. Below is a simple test, performed with engine off, that can determine if solenoid is functioning properly.
1. Shut off fuel and remove solenoid from carburetor. When solenoid is loosened and removed, gas will leak out of carburetor. Have a container ready to catch fuel.
2. Wipe tip of solenoid with a shop towel or blow with compressed air to remove any remaining fuel. Take solenoid to a location with good ventilation and no fuel vapors present. You will also need a 12 volt power source that can be switched on and off.
3. Be sure power source is switched OFF. Connect positive power source lead to red lead of solenoid. Connect negative power source lead to solenoid body.
4. Turn power source ON and observe pin in center of solenoid. Pin should retract with power ON and return to its original position with power OFF. Test several times to verify operation

Kit Includes:

  • 2408607S Screw, Solenoid
  • 2415304S O-Ring, Solenoid
  • 2415305S O-Ring, Solenoid
  • 2415306S O-Ring, Solenoid
  • 2443501S Solenoid Assembly
  • 2452101S Seat, Solenoid


  • Model: 2475701S
  • UPC: 87206459320
  • Shipping Weight: 0.3lbs
  • Manufactured by: Kohler

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