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Kohler Part # 2484101S Cylinder Head Gasket Kit Ch Cv 17 Thru 22 hp

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Genuine Kohler Cylinder Head Gasket Kit 624cc Engines CH CV 17 thru 22 HP, 2484101-S - 24 841 01-S

Replaces Old Previous Part # 2404108-S, 24 041 08-S

Used on both CH and CV series engines.

Services 1 Head Only, Order 2 kits to do both heads.

Used on CH18, CH20, CH22 (624cc, Bore = 77mm, 3.03 in)
              CV17, CV18, CV20, CV22 (624cc, Bore = 77mm, 3.03 in)

Kohler (Parts Bulletin 257) has determined that it is no longer necessary to replace the head bolts each time the head is removed. However, it is important that the bolt/stud threads be lubricated with engine oil prior to each installation for consistent tightening/torque characteristics. The oiling instructions are part of the installation instructions in each kit. For engines that use studs, washers, and nuts to mount the head, it is still recommended that the nuts and washers be replaced each time the head is removed. The replacement nuts and washers will remain in the gasket service kits, but new bolts will no longer be provided.

For installation instructions & testing see Free Kohler Engine Service Manuals

In the Kit:

2404149S x 1 GASKET, EXHAUST
2410010S x 4 NUT, FLG M8X1.25
2415327S x 1 O-RING, INTAKE PORT
2446816S x 4 WASHER, FLAT 8.6 MM


  • Model: 2484101S
  • UPC: 87206988394
  • Shipping Weight: 0.39lbs
  • Manufactured by: Kohler

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