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Kohler Command Pro EFI

All Kohler ECH and ECV engines have Closed-Loop EFI systems
The new standard in twin-cylinder engine performance.
In keeping with our reputation for consistently offering technologically innovative products, we are proud to implement closed-loop sequential electronic fuel injection (EFI) technology on Command PRO engines. Only KOHLER closed-loop EFI engines include an oxygen sensor that analyzes the air/fuel  mixture in the exhaust. If the oxygen level strays from the ideal air/fuel mixture, the sensor triggers  adjustments in the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). Only KOHLER closed-loop EFI engines “close the loop” between the air/fuel intake and the exhaust output to provide a constant stream of critical feedback – and optimal power and fuel economy. The closed-loop advantage also means that only KOHLER closed-loop EFI engines automatically adapt to load, weather, fuel and altitude changes.

Superior Fuel Economy
 • Up to 25 percent fuel savings when compared to similar size carbureted engine 
 • Closed-loop, sequential fuel injection optimizes proper fuel mixture for the most efficient fuel consumption

Effortless Starting
 • No-choke starting
 • Consistent, reliable starts in all weather conditions and even after long-term storage
 • No carburetor to get clogged up during periods of inactivity

Fastest Load Response
 • Optimized fuel injector placement and intelligent sensor pack delivers fuel wherever and whenever there is a demand for power

Lowest Cost to Operate
 • Requires less fuel than a carbureted engine to do the same job
 • Less down time saves you both time and money

Eco-Friendly Engineering
 • Worldwide emissions compliance
 • Designed to meet or exceed the stringent requirements of EPA, California and European regulatory agencies, without the use of expensive catalyst or air induction systems

Easy to Install
 • Engineered to be a drop-in replacement for carbureted engines; allows for easy OEM installation
 • All EFI components are mounted to the engine so no additional component installation is required

Best Reliability
 • Precise EFI engine management ensures optimal operating efficiency
 • Pays for itself in increased reliability and decreased service time

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