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Chainsaw Bars

Occasional Use Bars
These bars are ideal for homeowners, campers or hunters who use a chainsaw. They come with sprocket noses of professional quality and smaller-radius noses to help reduce the risk of bar-nose kickback. The bars are light weight, maneuverable, and reversible for long life. Most of the world's consumer saw makers equip their units with these bars as original equipment.

Occasional Use Guide Bars offered:
» Double Guard® 91 Bars
» Micro-Lite™ Bars
» Double Guard® .325" Bars
» Double Guard® 3/8" Bars
» Double Guard® 25 Bars
Bars for Commercial Use
We offer the world's widest range of saw bars for commercial cutters such as arborists, orchardists, utility and construction workers, landscapers, farmers, commercial tree thinners, and commercial firewood cutters. The bars are made from silicon-alloy steel and offer the best combination of value and durability. We have many commercial-type bars to cover a multitude of sawing applications..

Commercial Use Guide Bars offered:
» Pro-Lite® Bars
» Micro-Lite Pro Bars
» Pro 91® Bars
Bars for Professional Use
We manufacture the most complete line of chainsaw guide bars for professional loggers. They fit nearly every professional saw used worldwide.

Professional Use Guide Bars offered:
» Power Match® Bars
» Power Match® Reduced Weight Bars
» OREGON® Pro Bars
» Armor-Tip Plus Solid-Nose Bars
» Laser-Lite® Solid-Nose Bars
 Double Guard Bars  ProLite Bar  Powermatch bars

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