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Kohler Part # 2402975S Oil Filter Diverter Adapter With Drip Lip

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Oil Filter Diverter Adapter With Drip Lip, 24 029 75-S.

Replaces Old Kohler Part # 2402956-S

This kit provides a new plastic (stanyl) material oil filter adapter/diverter for the blower housing mounted (radiator style) oil coolers used on Command twin engines.

To Install –
1. Place a shallow container beneath oil filter and adapter/diverter assembly to collect any spillage. Remove existing oil filter. If replacing filter, dispose of old filter properly. Remove and discard the oil filter nipple using a 5/16" allen wrench.

2. Slide the hose clamps (securing the adapter/diverter to the oil hoses) off the fittings. Separate the adapter/diverter from the oil hoses. Discard the adapter/diverter, O-ring, and the two hose clamps.

3. Lubricate O-ring from kit with grease and install in the groove on back side of new oil filter adapter/diverter. Insert the new nipple from the front side and thread into crankcase until finger tight.

4. Hold adapter/diverter from turning and carefully tighten the nipple. Torque to 27 N·m (20 ft. lb.).

5. Install a new hose clamp on each oil hose. Secure the oil hoses on the adapter/diverter fittings.

6. Prefill oil filter if new. Place filter in a shallow pan with open end up. Pour new oil of the proper type in threaded center hole. Stop pouring when oil reaches bottom of threads. Allow a minute for oil to be absorbed by filter material. Lightly lubricate rubber gasket with oil and install onto nipple. Tighten by hand until gasket contacts surface, then tighten an additional 3/4-1 turn.

7. Reconnect the spark plug leads, battery leads (negative (-) lead last), and check oil level. Add oil if necessary.

8. Test run engine and check for leaks. Stop and wait a few minutes for oil to drain down. Check level again, adding more oil if necessary.


  • Model: 2402975S
  • UPC: 650531574640
  • Shipping Weight: 0.8lbs
  • Manufactured by: Kohler

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