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Kohler Part # 2455910S Mechanical Fuel Pump With Oil Cap

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Genuine Kohler, 24 559 10-S, Mechanical Valve Cover Fuel Pump With Oil Fill Hole, Free Shipping, No Tax, 2 to 3 day delivery.
For installation instructions & testing see Free Kohler Engine Service Manuals
Replaces Old Kohler Part # 2439312-S, 2439313-S, 2439314-S, 2439315-S, 2439319-S, 2455902-S, 2455903-S, 2455905-S, 2455908-S, 2475734-S, Stens 055-561, Cub Cadet KH-24-393-14.

Used on Kohler CH18, CH20, CH23, CH25, CH27, CH620, CH640, CH670, CH680, CH730, CH740, CH750, Ech749 engines.

2415330-S  O-ring, Valve Cover (Yellow)
2422702-S  Cap Assembly, Oil Fill (Yellow)
2511134-S  Hose, Low Perm. Fuel (11 in)
2513960-S  Plug,pipe 1/8 Nptf Hex Ctsk. (Km)
2514106-S  Tool, Installation (Snap Ring)
2523714-S  Clamp, Spring Hose 1/2 In.(km/cky)
2529409-S  1/4 in Fitting, (Straight)
2529411-S  1/4 in Fitting, 90 Deg
2529413-S  1/4 in Fitting, 45 Deg
M651030-S  Screws

*If replacing a vacuum style pump:
a. Remove and discard the vacuum/pulse line
between the fuel pump and the 90° fitting in the
closure plate. Remove and discard the 90° fitting.
Apply thread sealant with Teflon® (Loctite®
59241 or equivalent) to the threads of the 1/8"
pipe plug from the kit and use it to plug the hole
in the closure plate.
b. Remove and discard the existing fuel line located
between pump outlet and carburetor. Lift or
remove air cleaner and base if required.
c. Using the new clamps, attach the longer fuel line
to the carburetor and route toward the
appropriate cylinder head side. Check for free,
unobstructed routing and no linkage contact.
Reinstall air cleaner and base if removed or
d. Remove the two mounting screws to separate
the vacuum fuel pump from the blower housing
and discard it.

e. Clean the area around the valve cover to be
changed. Remove and discard the valve cover,
O-Ring and the four mounting screws
(including loose spacers if used), unless they are
special or longer than the new screws provided.
Clean the sealing surface and confirm that the
engine has the correct rocker arm assemblies.


  • Model: 2455910S
  • UPC: 650531292896
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5lbs
  • Manufactured by: Kohler

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