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Kohler 2-Cycle Engines

In 1981 Growth Products, Inc. (GPI) purchased the 2 Cycle division of Kohler Company. Growth Products, Inc. has the largest existing selection of parts for Skiroule Kohler and Sachs with inventories nearly 100% complete. GP also has parts on hand for the newer and older model snowmobiles.

Engine Models:
K250-RLC, K295-2RS, K295-1T, K295-2T, K295-2AX
K309-1T, K335-1T, K340-2AS, K340-2AX, K340-2FA, K340-RLC, K340-2RS, K340-2T (Alumium Cylinders), K340-2T (Cast Iron Cylinders), K399-2T
K400-2RS, K440-2AM, K440-2LC, K440-RLC, K440-2RS, K440-3RS, K440-2SS, K440-2T, K440-2AS, K440-2AX
K500-RLC, K500-3RLC

So if you are needing parts for your Kohler 2 Cycle engine please contact them.

Growth Products, Inc.
124 S. Lake St
Crystal, MI 48818

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