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Kohler Part # 3258425S Ignition Module KT740 KT745 ZT740

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Kohler ignition module, 32 584 25-S - 3258425-S, uses on some KT740, KT745 and ZT740 engines.

Replaces Old Kohler Part # 3258407-S, 32 584 07-S, 3258409-S, 32 584 09-S, 3258424-S, 32 584 24-S

KT740, KT745, ZT740, ZT745
3258407S, 3258409S, 3258424S

As a result of the change, the new MDI modules have improved transient signal protection. However, the internal circuitry modifications change the kill lead signal voltage from a low voltage to a high voltage. The resulting changes mean that the new and old modules are incompatible with one another on the same engine.

As such, both ignition modules should be replaced when servicing. Best practice when replacing ignition modules in the field is to ensure that the ignition module part numbers are matching on the same engine. If there is a superseding part number both modules should always be replaced.

With kill lead signals being altered, some application side components need to be verified for proper operation. Technicians should verify operation of tachometers/hour meters that are using kill signal as the point of reference.

Additionally, applications using keyless or soft touch starting systems may need modification if a no start condition is exhibited after the repair. Please verify with OEM service and repair
manuals for making adjustment.

Also note that these changes are not across the board replacements for all engines, especially
for the CH/CV742 & CH/CV752 models as unique applications still use previous parts.


1. Rotate flywheel to position magnet away from
ignition module bosses.

2. CDI modules are installed with spark plug lead wire
from module always away from cylinder. On cylinder
1, single kill tab should be towards you. On cylinder
2, single kill tab should be away from you (in).
MDI modules are installed with flat side out/towards

3. Install each ignition module to crankcase bosses.
Slide modules up as far away from flywheel as
possible and snug screws to hold them in position.

4. Rotate flywheel to position magnet directly under 1
ignition module.

5. Insert a 0.25 mm (0.009 in.) flat feeler gauge
between magnet and ignition module. Loosen
screws enough to allow magnet to pull module down
against feeler gauge.

6. Torque screws to 4.0-6.2 N·m (35-55 in. lb.).

7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 for other ignition module.

8. Rotate flywheel back and forth checking for
clearance between magnet and ignition modules.
Make sure magnet does not strike modules. Check
gap with a feeler gauge and readjust if necessary.
Final air gap 0.203/0.305 mm (0.008/0.012 in.).


  • Model: 3258425S
  • UPC: 885612723185
  • Shipping Weight: 0.7lbs
  • Manufactured by: Kohler

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