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Kohler Part # 3209810S Genuine Bendix Drive Starter

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NEW Style Genuine Kohler Engine Bendix Drive Starter Assembly 3209810S - 3209808S Free Shipping, No Tax, 1 to 3 Day Priority Mail Delivery*.
Used on Courage Twin SV710, SV715, SV720, SV730, SV735, SV740, SV810, SV820, SV830, SV840, ZT and KT Series engines.

Replaces 3209801S, 3209803S, 3209804S, 3209808S, 3209808S

*9 tooth starter replaces the 10 tooth starter and there is no issue with engaging the flywheel.

New 9 tooth pinion for increased torque
Watch out for aftermaketers selling they claim are Genuine starters, you can identify aftermarket by the end cap bearing not being covered and are 10 tooth.

Also replaces 1224304S brush assembly that has been discontinued.

A new inertia drive starter has been developed with many advantages over the previous design.
Improvements include:

  • Stronger shaft - shaft diameter was increased from 12.5mm to 17mm
  • Less susceptible to bending or fracture
  • 9 tooth pinion down from 10
  • Ratio allows for increased torque
  • Patent RDD (rubber disc drive) encapsulates the rubber and shields the friction surface from contaminants
  • Solves the grease/oil contamination slip issue
  • Higher torque and speed
  • Higher speed translates to more frequent pinion and ring gear meshing, Cranking speed is 80 rpm faster than the previous motor
  • Better performance
  • Better roll over engine speed and no hot restart stalling
  • Stable cranking
  • No kick outs of pinion due to higher torque
  • Lower current
  • Shorter motor
  • Pinion cold forged


  • Model: 3209810S
  • UPC: 885612405883
  • Shipping Weight: 5lbs
  • Manufactured by: Kohler

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